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Postcards from the Volcano Works (Low Res)-91.jpg
Postcards from the Volcano Works (Low Res)-89.jpg

Weighted Decay

2023 |  2.4m x 2m x 1.5m

Timber, electrical cable, concrete, steel, cement dipped fabric



Charred Extraction

2023, dimensions: 1.7 x 1.5 x 1m

Materials: Timber, screenprint on Japanese paper, electrical tape


shifting surfaces.jpg

In ‘Shifting Surfaces’ I attempt to evoke the liminal spaces that form the boundaries/edges between the urban and the rural as described in ‘Edgelands’ by Paul Farley & Michael Symmons Roberts, where neither nature or man made is control. Many of these sites would be left over remnants of post industrial landscapes with the colour of rust a dominant ‘edgelands’ tone.


I try and reference this rust tone in my piece where I print on rusted steel - to give the surface an additional layer - losing the bland unblemished metal and transforming it to a vibrant rich rust that varies in intensity. The colour of the surface print both references the blue print (an old way of presenting / drawing architectural plans) and an artificial blue that represents past industrial processes. The screen printing on the material is imperfect - due to the rust and the surface variations of the steel.


I folded the metal along the grid lines so that it would stand up and the whole piece would become more animated, transforming into an object in space that creates new surfaces and disrupts the reading of the screen print. The external gridded screen prints reference a more man made aesthetic and the internal surfaces a more natural space, I'd like to think this sets up a dialogue between them and that piece in some way alludes to the notion of a ruin within a liminal space. 



Contested terrain-1.jpg

In 'Fragments of a Contested Terrain' I attempt to set up an opposition between a thin fragile piece of paper and a heavy but chaotic structure.  The structure at first glance is based on a grid like form - a grid that you would normally expect to be an organisational force, but as you get closer and move around the piece it appears more incoherent.  The background image does not have a fixed location in time and space, it’s a natural landscape (almost lunar in quality) that seems vast and timeless.  There is a contrast between the man made steel construction (symbol of dominance) and the natural untouched landscape (which is a fictional derivation and is not routed in one specific place.)  The title 'Fragments of a Contested Terrain'  hints at this man made construction and you could draw allusions with the possible future development of nearby planets. 

Contested Terrain-2.jpg


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