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LASER ETCHINGS | Flawed Fabrication Series

Flawed Precision series.jpg

In this series of laser etchings, I used photogrammatory / 3D-scanning which maps photographs of an object to collect data on its volumes and contours to create a 3d mesh.

These surfaces and spaces can then be studied at micro or macro scales, the software maps the surface in a peculiar act of cartography, where it might focus your attention to accidental (normally overlooked) details. The survey which normally implies precision and objectivity is now reversed.



In the Flawed Fabrication Series I photographed tree trunks and manipulated these resultant meshes to produce a series of laser etchings on paper. I wanted the images to be ambiguous and offer a different perspective on their form and surface. The laser etching process lends an almost ghostly aesthetic. In addition the delicate and fragile rips that can come out of the laser etching process further blemish the finished work and become a celebrated aspect of the work.  I would hope the viewer could fall into a moment of suspension of knowledge or certainty as to what these ambiguous and ephemeral images are. 

Flawed Precision-1.jpg
Flawed precision-2.jpg
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